The Rating and Staking Plan Explained.

For every punter that is successful, there are hundreds that are not. One of the reasons for this is you need to be disciplined to ensure that you protect your balance during down periods but allow it to grow during good periods. The best way to achieve this is with a Rating System that works in conjunction with a Staking Plan.

You will see next to all of our bets there is a rating. This rating is between 0.15 and 3 and determines for us the size of the bet against our bank balance.

For example, let’s start with a $5,000 bank balance. This is the bank balance to work off to determine each bet. We will use our rating system against our example bank balance.

Rating 1 is 1% of bank balance so a Rating 1 would be $50 on a $5,000 bank.

Therefore the rating on a $5,000 bank would be:

Rating 0.15 = $8

Rating 0.25 = $13

Rating 0.50 = $25

Rating 0.75 = $38

Rating 1.0 = $50

Rating 1.5 = $75

Rating 2.0 = $100

Rating 3.0 = $150

So you use this system for the week of your starting balance. At the end of the week, depending on if your starting balance goes up or down, you adjust to your new starting balance for the next week.

So if your bank goes up from $5,000 to $5,200 by the end of the week your Rating 1 for the new week would be $52, same if your bank goes down to $4,800 your Rating 1 for the new week would be $48.

This system allows us to protect our bank balance when we have a few average weeks but allows for growth when we have good weeks.

Another key is always sticking to the Rating, even if your day has not been profitable. Never up-rate later to chase.

Please remember to gamble responsibly and bet within your limits. You need to ensure you bet with money you can afford to risk as although we are confident in our selections everyone will have losing periods over time.